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The Township is in the process of retaining Animal Services provider.

2021-2023 Dog Tags  
  • There will be no door-to-door collection of dog tags this year.  If you require a dog tag, please contact the municipal office.
  • The dog tags are for a three-year period, beginning 2021 and ending 2023 inclusive and will be billed annually.
  • Payment can be made by debit, cheque or cash at the Township office.  Payment can also be made online through your bank by adding “Adelaide Metcalfe Invoices” as a new payee.  Be sure to enter your 10-digit customer number found on your invoice when making an online payment.
  • Payment by e-transfer (EFT) is not accepted.

2022/2023 Dog License Application Form

Animal Fees & Charges

For current Dog Licensing Fees, please refer to our Fees & Charges By-Law (Schedule A - Animal Control)