Mayor Smith Thanks MTO on Behalf of Adelaide Metcalfe for Installation of Digital Signage Along Hwy 402

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picture of digital signage for warnings along highway 402


January 7, 2022Adelaide Metcalfe, Middlesex County – Mayor Kurtis Smith took a moment today to celebrate the installation of digital communication signs along the 402 highway following his lobbying efforts after the highway was shutdown due to severe weather on January 4th, 2018.

At the February 20th, 2018 council meeting, Mayor Smith brought forward the following resolution which was approved by Township Council and forwarded to all Ontario municipalities which abut the 402 highway.

Whereas Highway 402 provides the traveling public with a link from the Canada/US border at Sarnia through to the connection with Highway 401 and crosses through the entirety of the Township of Adelaide Metcalfe from East to West;

And whereas, Highway 402 is under the jurisdiction of the Province of Ontario;

And whereas, Highway 402 corridor within the Township of Adelaide Metcalfe boundaries is known to consistently have inclement weather, which results in poor visibility and drifting snow causing hazardous driving conditions.

And whereas, the Province of Ontario has implemented digital overhead communication signs above Highway 402 and 401 to communicate with the traveling public for awareness objectives (example: MADD, distracted driving, and move over law).

Now therefore, the Council of the Township of Adelaide Metcalfe calls on the Ontario Ministry of Transportation to install digital overhead communication signs at every exit along Highway 402 east of the City of Sarnia in the County of Lambton to the merge of Highway 402 at Highway 401 in the City of London to communicate with the travelling public by informing motorists of weather/road conditions, road closures, and reception centres during weather events and also to communicate everyday awareness objectives.

And furthermore, that the Ontario Ministry of Transportation investigate the installation of digital speed limit signs along all provincial highways which will assist in regulating an appropriate speed limit during weather events that cause poor visibility and for the safety of construction employees during road work.

After significant endorsement from affected municipalities, Mayor Smith met with the Ministry of Transportation at the Ontario Good Roads Conference in 2020 to request that digital communication signs be installed along the 402 and more specifically near the Centre Road exit in Adelaide Metcalfe.

In 2021, these efforts were rewarded with the installation of digital communication signage between Kerwood Rd. and Centre Rd., as well as near the 402 Longwood Road exit.

To celebrate the installation of this important highway safety infrastructure, Council for the Township of Adelaide Metcalfe would like to sincerely thank Minister Mulroney for her leadership and willingness to listen to the Township’s request for additional safety infrastructure along the 402 highway which results in a safer driving experience.

For more information, please contact:

Morgan Calvert
Chief Administrative Officer
Township of Adelaide Metcalfe